2020-11-11 16:05:56 (by ECP Team)

2.5D Annotations and LiDAR Pointclouds for the ECP Detection Dataset

We are happy to announce the extension of the ECP dataset to 2.5D. Today, we presented the corresponding conference paper "ECP2.5D - Person Localization in Traffic Scenes", on the full-virtual Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2020. Currently, we are preparing the upload of the LiDAR pointclouds for each image of the ECP detection dataset. In addition, we will provide an enhanced set of annotations including the 3D position of 136096 persons. For more information refer to our paper.

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2019-03-31 17:02:15 (by ECP Team)

Trial Phase EuroCity Persons Benchmark has started

During the trail phase of our website designated test users will provide feedback on the functionality of the ECP website. The test phase is expected to last 3-4 weeks. After this period the ECP dataset will be made available to all academic and non-profit research institutions.

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